Will I was born in San Deigo Calf. in 1969. Moved to Arkansas in 1973 and lived in Ft.Smith all my life. I like star trek all my life, so 1989 I started to play around ship designing . I Design the States class in 1992 ,I have designed more then 15 ship but the states is my best ship. In 1998 I started working for the U of Arkansas of Fayetteville in NW Arkansas and been here sents.And My SON is my Golded Heart of my life.

The images of the States class are my own .Off and on sents 1989 I have put the States class together. The are in Four PC games downloadable and Three Fan online games.

    The States Assault Cruisers was the first operational Troop Missile Cruiser in Starfleet. The States Class succeeded the Kolm-An Class and Continent Class as the Federation's heavy Assault ship designs. These unique vessels have gained the respect and admiration of their crews because of their handling characteristics and offensive capabilities. The overall design came from Terran MACOS Engineering design teams to create a cruiser with photon torpedoes as its main weapons. And the main military troops number to 160. And it is first ship in starfleet to have holodeck for troop. Plus it has the only two transporters that has 80 pods each. One vessel that stands out of all the States Class is the USS Arkansas (NCC-63000). It had more battle's seen in the later 24th Century during the Dominion War.


This site is commission for all the hard work and time though I put in 30 years.

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