The battleship class of vessels consists of several large, combat oriented starships used for frontline military combat and defense. As is standard Federation policy, all Federation battleships have science capability as well as other standard starship requirements. Because of the massive investment associated with their construction, many other governments also include some basic form of multi-mission capability. Battleships are the largest front line starship in most fleets.


Standard Battleships, simply referred to as battleships, are the largest and most powerful combat ship in most naval arsenals. Designed to move into a hostile area and engage multiple enemy targets, a battleship is a perfect example of multi-vector point defense combat platform. While stationary or moving at low impulse speed, a battleship can bring dozens of weapons to bear on a number of targets during combat. Battleships often mount the largest and most powerful engines, multiple weapons systems with redundancy, and a host of other military systems, including large fighter wings, specialized intelligence gathering probes and shuttles, multiple sensor systems and command-and-control systems that allow a battleship to act as a fleet command vessel. Battleships also have excellent emergency recovery systems, long range communication equipment and a large contingent of repair and tender systems, allowing battleships to act as a centralized mobile command post.  But the power and flexibility of the Battleship does come at a price. Many Battleship designs are prohibitive in both material and cost, owing to the low number of classes and hulls built. Battleships are often under-equipped to deal with exploration and first contact missions and spend a great deal of time on long-range patrols near hostile boarders. This coupled with the intense resource requirements to even maintain a Battleship does reduce the ability to produce new ships.


The term ‘pocket battleship’ refers to smaller battleships found along several boarders near non-hostile areas where pirates and raiders are common. Unlike their larger cousins, pocket battleships do not have the overall size and power associated with heavy combat. Pocket battleships have greater speed and agility, allowing them to pursue light raiding craft or engage a large contingent of shuttlecraft. Pocket battleships are used in concert with escort cruisers to help defend convoys near unsecured trade routs. Pocket battleships are often mistaken for heavy cruisers or light to medium Dreadnoughts. They are less resource intensive, requiring a smaller crew and less fuel for a standard cruise. Pocket Battleships also have lighter weapons, albeit in greater numbers, to help cope with it’s primary mission. Pocket Battleship are capable of engaging heavy combat vessels, and are used as combat support cruisers during times of war. Pocket battleships do not have the expanded command-and-control ability associated with other heavy combat craft.

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