Unneed RISING

                                     Chapter 1 : Captain’s Log


STARDATE: 12585.38 April 15 ,2310  13:20 hours


 New Captain William Martin Anders walking in a corridor outside from a transporter room on Spacedock Alpha. He stops just to look at Earth through a window, to do his first captains log.


William: Captains log 12585.38  I’m heading to my new ship to take command. My ship, I really like the sound of that, for the first time in sixteen years sent the Khitomer Accords, I’m taking a big leap as a Starfleet officer. A command of my own ship, but not just a ship. One of newest ASSAULT VESSELS in Starfleet the USS Arkansas NCC-63000 new States Class Assault Cruiser. One of powerful combat ships in Starfleet. The Starfleet's function was to explore unknown territory on the behalf of the Federation government, to defend the Federation and its allies from threats, to further Federation policies and interests throughout interstellar space and when applicable to initiate first contact with newly-discovered worlds and to engage in diplomatic negotiations on the behalf of the Federation. But sent the Klingons are allies, will some Klingon houses be not. And sent the Alpha Octant war with one or two Klingons houses split from Klingon Empire and Klingon space. Starfleet was getting ready for six years for the Hidran Congress to attack again on the Klingon and Lyran Democratic Republic front line. So, Starfleet builted up their newest ships to combat this threat, one of them  is the States Class. Smaller then Excelsior Class and Heavy Armed then Constitution II class or Excelsior Class. I do not like to be a  baby sitter for the military, but I have 160 of the third group of SFMCG (Starfleet Marine Corps Group).    Will like a man said in an old earth movie “Here goes nothing.” Computer end log .

  Anders walks in to a transporter room,

   (A transporter was a subspace device capable of almost instantaneously moving an object from one location to another. The transporter, also known as an energy-matter scrambler, was able to convert the molecules of an object or individual into energy, then beam them into a chamber where they were reconverted back into their original pattern.)

William: “Chief Moody transporter me to Mars Beta shipyard”.

“Aye Captain”  Chief Moody replied

 In ten seconds William will be at Mars shipyards to see his new ship.

William walks on to transporter pad.

 “Moody energize” William said.

William start’s to be object into an energy pattern for long 54.6 million kilometers transporter travel. Next thing he knows he was in the transporter room at the Beta shipyard he walks off pod , saying to transport chief “thanks for the ride” out of the room he walks down in corridor to a window and saw his ship for the first time. It looks so beautiful it looks like a white-gray cloud floating in space like the Constitution II but with Excelsior warp engines and eight torpedo launchers. Twenty-three decks and on one of the decks is the first Starfleet holodeck room. He turns from the window and starts walking to the drydock gangway.

(A Drydock Facility was made up of five cage segments, with one long section providing the dorsal part of the cage and two smaller sections on either side providing the port and starboard parts. These sections housed banks of lights facing inwards, towards where the ship would be located. The dorsal sections also supported a small windowed station in the center of the facility as well as rails that four movable construction arms were attached to. Housed in the center joint of the smaller sections making up the walls of the cage were small stations. Each station had a total of four airlocks at the bow and stern, one facing outwards along the centerline where other segments could be added as well as one airlock each facing port, starboard, and ventral. An airlock was also located on the centerline facing "outwards" from each station. One of the segments on the port side also had a large antennae farm located just below the station.)


                                                                Chapter 2:  Captain on  Bridge


On the bridge people running here and there going stations to stations. A Tellarite Ensign Shigun Nah talking to drydock operations about the new Captain as just transport to the drydock Jeff Conaway, Srox and Lori April Sharp turn their heads to the turbolift two the doors on up Sharp see Captain Anders.

And Sharp said, “Captain’s on the bridge”, and everyone stops what they were doing.

“As you were” William replied

William: Commander Sharp great to see you again, we have our orders has Lt. Colonel Sebe on board.

“Yes sir” he is on deck eight getting his men settled in said Sharp.

 Will Sharp where do I lay my head. William said

“Sir” said Sharp

“Where is my room, I would like to get myself move in too”. William said

Sharp looks at Crus S'Nus a Caitian.

Crus said “sir this way” they walked back to turbolift two.

William turns to Sharp, “Commander Sharp”.

“I would like meet with the senior officers at 1600 hours in Staff Ready room”. William said

“Sir everything is in your room and set-up. It is on deck two”.

William said “Thanks Lieutenant, your first Caitian I had under my command.

I'll try not to disappoint you sir. The doors of lift close. Everyone on the bridge had their mouth open.

Ensign Sara said out loud “What a man”.

So, William walks in to his room it is small buy it is his. He looks around in room .

William replied “is this it”

Crus said, “Yes sir, I’m on deck 4”. I need to get back to my station sir.

William said “O, ok thanks see you at 1600 hours. 

 He thanks in his head “In two hours will I’ll meet my staff for first time as a Captain. He walks to his bed and lays down. He looks up on the side of the bed on the wall and hits a button. And he starts talking “,

William: Captain’s personal log.

Everything zooms out from the window to space and all see the Arkansas in drydock.

The next thing that we see Lt. Colonel Sebe on deck eight talking to one of his marines, when Iral walks up to Sebe.

Iral: “Sir, Captain Anders would like to have meeting at 1600 hours. in Staff Ready room sir.

Sebe: “Master Chief you till the Captain, I’ll be there when I get my men on this ship”.

Sebe: And Sebe turns back and said till that to the Captain.

 Iral said “Yes Colonel”. Iral turns to the door, it opens, and he walks out talking to himself.

 In engineering on deck 20, we see Blair going from computers to computers and platform to platform. Trying to get Intermix chamber in line so when the Captain say warp speed, we have warp speed.

(The intermix chamber is a major component of a starship's warp core. Its functions included the maintenance and regulation of plasma pressure within the core.)

Blair is talking to a crew member about plasma pressure within the core. When Blair hears  Communication Officer Nahk over the intercom .

Nuhk: “Blair, Captain Anders would like to see all senior officers in Staff Ready room at 1600 hours.

Blair saying out loud “ This is all I need now”

 Nahk: “Sir”

Tell the Captain I’ll be there.



                                                                                Chapter 3:  Orders

In Staff Ready room at 1598 hours.


The Staff Ready Room was small but had enough  room for six chairs and captains table and chair .the was red carpet and powerful Picture of the Arkansas in drydock and other docks around it and other ships. The chair was a gun metal gray and walls were a wood brown. Ensign Srox seating and thanking everyone was here but Doctor and then.

(The captain's ready room was a personal office reserved for the commanding officer of a starship and was typically accessed from the bridge.)

William walks in the room and everyone stands up.

William:  "As you were", Where is Doctor McCaphe Commander

Sharp: spoke up “Sorry Sir McCaphe said he was too busy working in sick bay.

William starting meeting , Most of you my now me from the Phoenix Cygnus Class a small ship. How I ran that ship, this is my first combat vessel. Everyone knows and meet Lt. Colonel Sebe he is going my left hand man in combat phase’s. He looks at Sharp sorry number one, but in non-combat  your orders from Sharp. If I die or can’t do my duty Sharp will take command. I don’t see anything going wrong, but if does I would like to know my ship is going be good hands . I’m going have my walk around at 08:00 hours and then we are heading out, 11:00 hours. Crus and Nahk contact all department heads to be ready to get out by 10:00 hours. Blair, I never see a holodeck on a starship before. Would you give me a tour of the holodeck after this meeting?

Blair: “Aye Sir”

William: “I know you here for Starfleet, but this is my ship.”

William: Our orders are to go to Starbase 32 and patrol the Tango Sector in the Deriben Star System.


(A sector, in which was referred to as a star sector or space sector, was a gridded region within the Milky Way Galaxy. Sectors were composed of an area and volume encompassing several light years and typically contained several star systems. A group of sectors was called a sector block, which was located in a quadrant. The sector system and their numbering was used by United Earth, Vulcans, and other spacefaring races at least by the 22nd century. In 2369, the extragalactic space was not divided into sectors, and ships that were sent on deep space cartography missions were listed as being in extragalactic space.)

William ask Ensign Srox “ How long will it take us at warp 6.

Srox : “4 days 15 hrs. 25 mins. That if we do not stop and engineering replies to everything .

William: How about it Mister Blair, is warp engines up to par for a five day trip.

Blair: “Yes Sir, give the word”

Great, William said You have your orders see on the bridge in the morning, 11 hundred hours comes early. We have long way to go. And a long patrol, we are not going setting at Starbase all the time. We have the Klingon, Lyran, and Gorn on our back door. And we a Starbase and a Sector to protect.

William saying “Dismiss”



                                                        Chapter 4 : On the Way


Stardate: 12585.8    April 16, 2310   10 hundred hours


On the bridge of the Arkansas was like any other ship. The captain’s chair in the middle of the bridge and to on right is were Colonel Sebe seat and to left is were Commander Sharp seat. In the front left of the captain chair is helm’s man seat Lieutenant Conaway, on right was navigation seat Ensign Srox. Right back of captain chair was Communication chair were Ensign Nahk seat and next her was Engineer systems and Damage Control. Front right of the bridge science, science systems were Lieutenant T'so  station and next to science stations is Transporter OPS and Weapons and Defenses Systems. On left side of the bridge is all marine OPS systems. The bridge deck plating is in a blues-green color and captain center in an orange-red color and chairs are in a gun metal gray color.

Sharp was seating in the captain’s chair at the moment while Anders was exploring the ship. Colonel Sebe seating at seat talking to a Lt. on intercom on his chair. We see two crew members standed in front of bridge by the view screen.

(A View Screen generally consisting of a large screen or window located on the bridge of a starship (or operations center of a space station or starbase), the viewscreen was an almost universal facet of space exploration and colonization dating as far back as the 22nd century through 26th centuries on Starfleet ships.)

A few moments later, the door of the turbolift two opens up a sands Captain Anders and  Doctor McCaphe.

Sharp snaps up saying, “Captain’s on the bridge.” Everyone stopped and snaps up. Sharp moved to her seat to open up captain seat to Anders.

William saying while he walking to his chair “Stations everyone let’s preparing for departure”.

Conaway spoke up  “ Captain , Yard Chief saying Dock signals clear for departure”.

Reply we are holding position for departure, William ordered.

Nahk “Dock control reports ready, sir.

Conaway: Helm ready, sir.

Srox: Orbital departure on plot, sir.

Nahk: Yard command signaling clear, sir.

William: Maneuvering thrusters, Conaway.

Conaway: Maneuvering thrusters at station, and moorings unlocked sir.

William: Holding station.

Conaway: Thrusters at station keeping.

William: Thrusters ahead, Conaway. ...Take us out.

The Arkansas slowly pulls forward out of drydock

(On intercom from engineering.)

Blair: “Intermix set. Bridge, impulse power at your discretion”.

William: Impulse power, Conaway. Ahead, warp point five.

The Arkansas slip out of Mars orbit to deep space.

Conaway: Clearing Drydock

William: Mr. Conaway, Full Impulse power.

William:  Departure angle on viewer.

Conaway: Departure angle viewer.

The screen in front the bridge switch to forward in space to aft, we see the drydock and Mars get small and smaller.

William: “Viewer ahead”.

Conaway: “Viewer ahead, Sir”.

External space, Arkansas passes Neptune

William: Mr. Srox sit course for Starbase 32.

“Sitting Course to Beta 026 mark 380 ,”Sir" said Srox

 William saying to Conaway “Warp 6.”

“Warp 6”, Aye Sir” replied  Conaway

We see the Arkansas going to warping out of Sol System through the Kuiper belt heading to Starbase 32.



                                                                                Chapter 5 :  Duty Roster


STARBASE: 12586.34   April 17 ,2310  1120 hundred hours

We see a computer technician walking through corridor on deck seven to a door, and it slides open and he walks in. We see Dr. McCaphe his desk looking at some charts. He hears a scream coming from next room, were the bio-beds are.

 (Biobeds lined the perimeter of sickbay. These beds were generally used for patients under intensive care or in recovery. Information on a patients' medical status was typically displayed on a biofunction monitor at the head of the bed.)

He runs to the next room and see’s four nurse’s jumping up and down. The walks over to them said’s to them

McCaphe: This a sickbay, not a trampoline.

The nurses stop’s jumping, one saying to the doctor.

Deltan Nurse: Sorry Sir, but I am getting married to a marine in Lighting Group, is that wonderful.

The Nurse’s what back to work. And doctor rolls his eyes.

McCaphe: Yes, wonderful, I guess they still do that.

A few hours later, we see Captain Anders at his desk in his ready room reading the ships duty roster on his pad . The doors of the turbolift opens up and Dr. McCaphe walks in.

William: Will so how’s Deck 7 today.

McCaphe: Really Captain, between the crew and the marines. These marines are going to pay for me two new nurses. Six marines from the lighting group already asked two nurses to marry them. One of them is a Deltan nurse.

William: I’ll talk to the Colonel about keeping the rabbits out of your garden.

McCaphe: Just keep them out my hair would you.

William: Your hair Doctor, that is a little understatement.

McCaphe: What do you mean, I have hair on the sides.

William: Ok Doctor.

They both started laughing, William pushes a button on his desk.

William: Colonel may I see you in my ready room please.

Sebe: Be there in one min.

A minute later the doors of the turbolift opens up and Sebe walks in.

William: Colonel, we have a little rabbit problem.

Sebe : “Captain”

William : The doctor says you owe him some nurses.

Sebe: Sir, “I still don’t understand you”.

William: I am talking about, six of your marines from your lighting group, two of the marines ask two  nurses to marry  them. Does marines work fast are do they work fast.

Sebe : I’ll look to on that Sir.Sebe walks to the  turbolift and it opens up, walks in. Back on the bridge,

Sebe see’s Crus at his control working. Sebe walks over.

Sebe: Crus would like to help me out.

While Sebe was to Crus about his rabbit, the Doctor and the Captain talks about keeping the rabbits out of  the garden for rest of the day and the Doctors Duty Roster.

 Two hours later on the holodeck on deck 8, we see a clear sky and big flat field with men running in formation of four platoons 40 men in platoons. We hear in the back ground two or three sergeants yelling cadence on the drill field. We hear a  Lieutenant  yelling at a sergeant to keep up the other platoons. A Lieutenant  yelling to the sergeant, “keep your babies up on the line. We see Lt. Colonel Sebe talking to a Lieutenant from Lighting platoon.

Sebe: Lieutenant, six men from your platoon are going to help Lieutenant Crus on ship Security third shift  at 2200 hours, until we get to the base. You will pick your marrying type of marines.

Lieutenant: Saying with a snap and a salute, “YES SIR. 2200 hours”

Sebe likes around and then turns back to the wall and a door slides open .He walks through the door and shuts behind him.



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