In the year 2370, the Hera, under the command of Captain Silva La Forge, with a crew composed mainly of Vulcans, mysteriously disappeared on a courier run. 

Although a massive search was mounted, no trace of the vessel or its crew was ever found. 

The USS Hera was believed to have been destroyed and a memorial service was held for the crew. But three weeks before her disappearance, the Hera received several new transfers including a Chief Engineer Lt. Commander Leland T. Lynch who liked to "juice" the engines. 

The Hera had been transported into a alternate timeline by a form of a slit quantum slipstream. The transit had modified the molecular structure of the Hera, increasing its density and warping the vessel back to 2247 right in the middle of Klingon Four Year War at the Battle of Kolm-an. 

The Hera is more than match for the Klingon ships at the time, but Captain Silva La Forge was killed and half of the bridge crew. After the battle, Starfleet ordered the USS Hera to Starbase 8. 

Starbase 8 was a Federation facility and a secret base for Section 31 under Commodore Chang. With the Hera in the hands of Section 31 in next 100 years the Hera’s technology and the data information from the ship has changed the timeline 100 years ahead.

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