Orenburg Class of the most secretive vessel classes in late 2300's, and is a Intelligence Scout is designed to gather and quickly interpret enemy/unknown transmissions along a broad range of carrier signals, including Sub-space, Radio and even Laser communication systems.                Orenburg Class scouts use extremely modified drive systems to almost completely mask their warp signatures and location from even their own command vessels. Most Intelligence Scouts have the ability to remain on station for extended periods of time, running silent for up to a year or more. Intelligence Scouts have a myriad of onboard self-destruct systems that allow any of the crew to quickly and completely destroy all data gathered from their targets.

Intelligence scouts are also able to gather communications data from great distances using (externally mounted) large sensor grids or antenna that extend the range of an Intelligence Scout beyond that of even a heavy cruiser. Intelligence scouts have poor long and medium range sensor systems, being equipped with more passive systems. Most Intelligence Scouts are known for their larger crews, usually less than 350 personal. Intelligence Scouts are not known for their weapons or shields, often using very light shielding to reduce energy signatures detectable by enemy forces.                                                                                                            

  Duty on-board Intelligence Scouts is less hazardous than commonly believed, but significantly less exciting than hoped for. Most crews aboard Intelligence Scouts, even among races like the Romulans, burn out very rapidly and few persons request a second tour.

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